Community Partnerships

For nearly 20 years, the LEO Foundation, formerly the Grand Canyon Scholarship Foundation, has worked to drive access to higher education opportunities and youth programs through outreach, partnerships, and community involvement.  See what we're up to.

Proceeds from Barrett Jackson Car Auction Bring $30k in Scholarship Funding for Arizona Youth

Look at this beauty, it’s a 1956 Convertible Ford Thunderbird. This year at the Barrett Jackson auction, this car sold for $30k, and the proceeds have been donated to the LEO Foundation to benefit students without financial means to pursue a higher education! That’s $30k in scholarships!
We thank our amazing and generous donors and board of directors, Jeff and Lori Lakes (Financial Solutions), who donated this car. Their dedication to our community and helping young adults pursue their dreams is truly inspiring!  

A special shout out to Jim Lewis and our friends at Pro Motorsports for all of their help and support in making this Barrett Jackson auction sale possible!

2023 Section Seven Basketball Team Camp

Mark your calendar and join us for some basketball fun this summer! This is an amazing opportunity for young basketball athletes to play in front of college coaches. The camp involves 400 teams, 12 wood floors and 700+ college coaches at an NCAA Final Four Stadium, June 15-25, 2023.


Important dates to remember:  the girls camp will be June 15, 16, and 17 followed by the Native American camp on June 19, 20, 21 and ending with the boys basketball camp on June 22, 23, 24.  For more information, click here


LEO Foundation is a sponsor and volunteer at the annual Fiesta Bowl and Legacy Foundation Section Seven Basketball Team Camp.  Last year, LEO Foundation received a $50,000 grant for scholarships and enjoyed the amazing 4-day mega-event that brought together 229 high school basketball teams and over 500 college basketball coaches from around the country to the State Farm Stadium for 12 courts of simultaneous game action! The passion…energy…talent…it was so great to be involved.

Solid Rock

At LEO Foundation, we work with and support other amazing organizations knowing that real impact comes from community collaboration. As a Solid Rock supporter, sponsor, and volunteer, we’re thrilled to participate in these events.  

 The 60th anniversary of Marshall Amplification provided  young, aspiring musicians the opportunity to interact with and get advice from this impressive line-up of rock and roll professionals in an intimate environment – Nita Stauss from Demi Lovato, Janie Hendrix from Experience Hendrix, and Michael Bruce from Alice Cooper. Learn more about the wonderful things happening for kids in our community. 

LEO Foundation is also a proud sponsor of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers – The Proof is in the Pudding “Proof” Music Competition. The competition last fall featured over 300 musicians aged 12-25 from all music genres and debuted a dance category. From September to November, musicians and dancers compete for eight nights at four music venues. The winning band, solo artist, and dancers performed at Christmas Pudding with over 2,500 people in attendance, along with Alice Cooper and other well-known celebrities at Celebrity Theatre.

Learn More Here.