Programs and Partnerships

The LEO Foundation is committed to connecting youth in our community to programs and services that promote growth, self-confidence, and teamwork through collaborative partnerships that provide leadership and life-changing coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Foster Youth Program

LEO Foundation’s Foster Youth Scholarship Program is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for youth in the foster care system. Currently, there are over 11,000 children in foster care in Arizona, with 30 children entering the system daily. Statistics also show that 800 young men and women age out of the system every year and find themselves in survival mode, struggling to meet basic needs such as food and housing rather than planning for their future.

Our program is designed to assist youth in addressing these obstacles through scholarships that help cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, equipment, meal plans, and room and board. These scholarships are specifically for qualified Arizona foster care students interested in higher education.

Applicants in the system, including those who have “aged out” but have filed the appropriate documentation with the state, are eligible to apply.

LEO Foundation is a proud partner of Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation.

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Impact Leadership Program

The Impact Leadership Program aims to build a generation of leaders who make the world a better place by helping students piece together the critical elements of leadership.

At LEO Foundation, we believe leadership support directly impacts future careers and success. The program empowers the next generation of leaders by helping students develop essential skills such as analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and having the confidence, motivation, and ability to carry them out. The Impact Leadership Program is designed to challenge graduates to become individuals whose skills, integrity, and purpose distinguish them in the workplace and the world. Linking today’s leaders with the leaders of tomorrow is a future investment that builds strong communities and transforms individuals while developing the next generations of philanthropists and servant leaders.

A mentorship track is incorporated into the Impact Leadership Program to foster advocacy, collaboration, learning, and sharing and increase leadership development opportunities for student role models and mentors. The program begins at the freshman level and runs through graduation as they transition into their young professional career. First-year students will engage with senior-level students, while seniors will be connected to alums. The mentor/mentee experience will help mold students into strong servant leaders and the next generation of ambassadors and volunteers.

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Youth Development Academy

LEO Foundation has a long history of connecting students from low-income families to a wide variety of growth opportunities, such as educational and athletic programming.

In collaboration with the Arizona Basketball Association, the LEO Foundation provides fall, winter, and spring basketball league opportunities culminating in a three-week summer camp in June. Through the game of basketball, Arizona youth are exposed to a positive sports environment and coaching mentorship that teaches life lessons such as leadership skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

In addition to these skills, studies show that kids who play sports achieve up to 40% higher test scores and are 15% more likely to attend college. The Youth Development Academy aims to make an early positive impact that provides encouragement as kids progress through their primary and secondary education.

LEO Foundation is a proud partner of the Arizona Basketball Coaches Association.




A financial gift will support this program by providing athletic shoes for the kids as well as covering registration fees.